Our Combat Vet


From Military Service to Community Superhero

This Anzac Day, we would like to acknowledge one of our Suncare customers, Frank.

When Frank was 18, he enlisted as a mechanical and electrical engineer in Wagga Wagga. His preparation for Vietnam involved rigorous training and ongoing specialised instruction in mine diffusion and combat tactics.

Frank and the other combat engineers were pushed hard with daily training, running drills and simulated missions. Then suddenly, as Frank neared his deployment date, the war drew to an unexpected end. Despite seemingly endless days of preparation, Frank was thankful for the unexpected turn of events.

He remained in the Army after the war and he and his team were moved to Townsville. There, his primary focus was working in natural disasters such as cyclones, flooding and bushfires. Franks’ team helped build bridges, home those affected by natural disasters, and even rescued people from floods. The team earning themselves the nickname ‘superheroes.’

Frank also worked as a parachute safety inspector, designing and inspecting the safety of parachutes by testing them himself!

Beyond his military duties, Frank was a sports enthusiast. He excelled in all types of sports such as football, basketball, swimming and even lawn bowls, although basketball was his favorite. 

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