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Suncare provides services that help older people to remain living in their own home for longer. Our services include personal care, housekeeping and domestic assistance, transport, home and garden maintenance, meal service and preparation, respite, allied health and clinical services as well as NDIS coordination. 

A Home Care Package is a government subsidised program that provides support for people who wish to stay in their own homes for longer.

Depending on your care needs, there are four levels of Home Care Package. Each level receives a different amount of funding to allow you to choose the support that you need. 

The four levels of Home Care Package support are:

  • Level 1 basic care requirements
  • Level 2 low-level care requirements
  • Level 3 intermediate care requirements
  • Level 4 for high-level care requirements

The higher the level of funding, the more funding the government subsidises on your behalf. For example, the Level 4 Home Care Package will allow you access to the most amount of services. 

To access a Home Care Package, you must first have an assessment with a member of the Aged Care Assessment Team (ACAT) who will visit you in your home and assess your eligibility, and begin you on your journey to supported living.

Please call one of our friendly Suncare team members on 1800 786 227 to help you organise your assessment visit. 

Yes, My Aged Care is the Australian Government’s starting point for your aged care journey.

Suncare can help you navigate My Aged Care. Once you have been assessed and approved for care you will need to let My Aged Care know who you recommend as a care provider.

When you select Suncare, we will discuss your care options and suggest the most suitable services for you to tailor  your program or package to your needs.

If you’re 65 or over, you may be eligible for government subsidies services through My Aged Care.

If you’re under 65, you can contact Suncare on 1800 786 227 to discuss how you can access our services.

We understand that beginning your journey into home care services can be a daunting , so our friendly team are here to guide you through and help you every step of the way. We are knowledgeable and will be able to answer all your questions.

Suncare can guide you through the process of accessing the services you need. We’ll connect you with the Australian Government’s My Aged Care program. My Aged Care will assess your needs and, once you have been granted eligibility, they will assign funding to support the services you require. You then have the option to choose whichever care provider you wish to use for your services. 

If you decide to choose Suncare as your preferred provider, you need to let My Aged Care of your decision. They will then direct your funding to us so we can tailor your care plan to your needs and commence the services you require. 

Accessing services is as easy as A to E:

a. Call Suncare on 1800 786 227

b. Our friendly staff will chat to you about the type of support you need and put you in touch with My Aged Care

c. My Aged Care will visit you in your home to assess your needs and assist you to access the support services you need

d. Nominate Suncare to provide your services, if this is what you choose

e. Suncare will begin your in-home care services, at a time convenient to you

Suncare offer an extensive range of services, and we are able to tailor your care package to suit your individual needs. Our goal is to help you to live life on your teams in the comfort of your own home. 

Once you have been assessed by My Aged Care and allocated an appropriate program or package you can discuss with Suncare the most appropriate services that you would like to receive.

We can activate your services to meet your needs and goals as well as help you manage your care and services.

Suncare can be there for all your home needs for more information, please visit our services page or call us on 1800 786 227.

There are many options and a range of services you can access if you think that your parents need help at home. If you need advice on how to access funding for your parents, the Suncare team can guide you in the best direction.

Sometimes the smallest changes can make the biggest difference to living independently at home.

To find out where to start looking for support for your parents, simply call one of our friendly staff members.

They will guide you through the process of accessing the services your parents need, by connecting you with the Australian Government’s My Aged Care (MAC) program. My Aged Care will assess your parents’ needs and once they have been granted eligibility, will assign funding to support the services they require.

Together, you can then choose which preferred provider you wish to use for the support services. 

If you wish to use Suncare as your preferred provider, its as simple as letting My Aged Care know of your decision, and they will direct the funding to us so we can start to tailor a care plan for them and begin the services they require. 

Suncare provides home care services throughout Central and South East Queensland. We have support offices in North Lakes, Sunshine Coast, Gympie, Wide Bay, Bundaberg and Rockhampton.

Our staff work in and around these regions to connect with surrounding communities to ensure the best care is easily accessible.

To find out if Suncare can offer services in your area, please call one of our friendly team members on 1800 786 227 who will be able to advice the best options for you.

Yes, Suncare can be your service provider if you have been allocated a Home Care Package. We will work with you to identify a total package of care and services to meet your needs so you can continue to live a more active and independent life. If you are an existing customer of Suncare, you are familiar with of our level of commitment but may not be aware of the complete package of services we provide.

Home Care Packages are now delivered on a Consumer Directed Care (CDC) basis. This means you (and your carer) have more choice and control, not only over what services are delivered but where and when they are delivered.

For you, this means:

  • you get more say in the care and services you access, how they are delivered and who delivers them to you
  • you have conversations about your needs and goals
  • you work with your service provider to develop your individual care plan
  • you agree how much involvement you have in managing your care package
  • you know how your package is funded and how your individual budget is spent through monthly income and expense statements
  • your service provider will ensure that your package continues to meet your needs with ongoing monitoring and formal reviews.

The Australian Government provides a subsidy to an approved home care provider (such as Suncare Community Services) towards a package of care, services and case management to meet your individual needs.

Each level of home care packages provides a different subsidy amount. This amount is paid to your selected approved home care provider. The subsidy contributes to the total cost of your services and care delivery. It is expected that you will contribute to the cost of your care where your personal circumstances allow.

It is important to note that Suncare can be your service provider if that is something you choose.

If you are a carer and need to be away from your loved one, Suncare can provide the support you need. Respite services can be tailored to suit your needs and this can either be a planned, regular service or be a responsive service to meet your needs in the short term, for example a crisis or emergency situation i.e. you have been has been taken ill or hospitalised.

Having this service available for you often means you can continue caring for your loved one for longer.

Suncare’s in-home respite care provides support for you, whether respite is needed at your own home or at your loved ones’, the service can be tailored to suit your needs.

Please read more information on Suncare’s respite services.

Our social groups assist in the participation of community life and are a popular way to enjoy some time away from home in a supportive environment.

If you need help to leave your home and connect with the community, our staff can help you participate in day to day activities. Visits from our Suncare staff can bridge the gap to community life through social contact and accompaniment. If you just need a phone call each day, a visit from a staff member, a trip to the shops or visit to local services such as the dentist or doctor, even if you need assistance with your paperwork or letter writing, we can be there.  

We also have a range of group-based activities such as art groups, dancing groups and charter fishing trips to name just a few. These are available throughout our regional areas, either based in a community centre setting or out and about in group excursions.

Suncare can be there to help you join in with your community and enjoy the connections in your area.

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