Annual Reports

Making people’s lives better for fifty years

2020 Annual Report

2020 changed the world and the way we work as an organisation.
However, our focus on ‘making people’s lives better’ remains unchanged.

Social connection and support is an integral part of our service delivery, as is providing personalised solutions that enable our customers to live life their way. With our primary focus on the wellbeing of our customers, carers, volunteers, stakeholders, community members and staff, we have implemented clear and effective protocols and processes for infection control.

We continue to closely monitor the challenging and ever-changing
situation that is presented to the community as the COVID-19 situation unfolds. 

We remain focused, vigilant and responsive to the needs of the community to ensure that we always strive to deliver an appropriate and
responsible service.

The safe and reliable provision of services and customer experience
are our priority as together we progress through our recovery from