Cuddles with Zeata


For the past two years, Ormsby Aged Care in Buderim has been graced with the presence of a beloved furry ambassador, Zeata. Every Sunday morning, accompanied by her devoted owner—a Suncare volunteer—this adorable miniature labradoodle spreads warmth and happiness among residents. 

Zeata’s arrival marked the beginning of beautiful friendships. Within the home, Zeata visits seven cherished residents. Each encounter with Zeata is a reminder of the unconditional love and companionship our residents once shared with their own furry friends, bringing solace and comfort to their hearts. 

This pampered yet impeccably behaved pup thrives on the attention she receives, turning Sunday mornings into a cherished tradition of shared joy and heartwarming connections for all involved. 

Zeata’s presence at Ormsby Aged Care embodies the spirit of companionship and brings immeasurable happiness to her favourite residents. We are endlessly grateful for her and her owner’s dedication in brightening our Sundays with their furry charm. 


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