Suncare’s Cognitive Stimulation Therapy


Have you heard of Cognitive Stimulation Therapy? It’s a groundbreaking program offered by Suncare specifically designed for individuals grappling with mild to moderate dementia. This innovative form of “mental exercise” has been crafted by our qualified Occupational Therapists to provide tailored support and stimulation for those navigating cognitive decline.

Studies have found that Cognitive Stimulation Therapy leads to small, but beneficial cognitive benefits (the general ability to think and remember) visible through improvements in communication, social interaction, well-being, mood and day-to-day abilities. Through a diverse array of activities, including group discussions, games, puzzles, music, and practical tasks, participants enjoy on a journey of cognitive enrichment and connection.

Delivered over seven weeks, with two hour sessions each week, Suncare’s program offers a structured yet environment. Participants also have the opportunity to join a maintenance group post-program, ensuring sustained progress and support.

Feedback from program participants has been overwhelmingly positive, with many expressing genuine enjoyment and anticipation for each session. However, it’s essential to undergo an assessment by one of Suncare’s Occupational Therapists to ensure suitability for the program (unless recently assessed).

If you or a loved one could benefit from Suncare’s Cognitive Stimulation Therapy Program, don’t hesitate to reach out. Simply dial 1800 786 227 to sign up.

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