Celebrating 70 Years


70 years of marriage is an extraordinary milestone and deserves be celebrated!

We would like to celebrate Jan and Rita, a beautiful couple who have shared life experiences and loved one another deeply for over 70 years.

Jan and Rita first met when Jan was 19 and Rita was 16 in their home country of Holland. They instantly hit it off and married one another 6 years later.

The aftermath of the war had left them constantly moving around, residing in the homes of others and renting rooms for stability. Rita, loved her family deeply, but firmly believed that moving away was their stepping stone to a better future. In 1957, Rita and Jan packed their bags and purchased a one-way ticket to Brisbane, Australia.

A few weeks after arriving in the land down under, Jan was offered a government job in Sydney where he would work in area mapping. Together they moved further down south and after 11 years of marriage, they welcomed their first son.  

Now living in Dicky Beach, Jan and Rita are extremely grateful for their life together and wouldn’t change a thing.

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