A life worth celebrating


For an outstanding 77 years, Lynette demonstrated her musical prowess by playing both the regal pipe organ and the modern piano. Now 92 years old, she began her musical journey at the age of 16, initially gaining her skills through classical piano lessons. Whilst these lessons helped and provided a foundation in fundamental keys, Lyn found that classical was not what inspired her and continued to learn without the lessons.

For nearly 5 decades, Lyn served as the pianist at her local Lutheran Church, contributing to not only regular services but also providing a musical touch to significant events such as weddings and funerals.

Her dedication to music, coupled with a genuine appreciation for the joy it brought to others, fueled her ongoing commitment to the instrument.

In addition to her church responsibilities, Lynette’s musical talents saw her invited to play at events as far away as Southport and Cleveland and even weddings in Mt Cotton.

Recently her church underwent some renovations, including the removal of the pipe organ, leaving Lynette with nowhere to play or share her passion. With the help of Suncare, Lynette has now joined the Anglican church, which thankfully, has a pipe organ that they have welcomed her to play during services.

In 2019, she demonstrated her commitment to the church by independently authoring a history book on the church itself. This journey took 12 months, but she did it completely on her own, including taking the photos, writing the manuscript and getting it printed.

Lyn loves to talk about her love of the organ, because she doesn’t get to talk about it much to new people. She is hoping that by sharing her story and success with the rest of Suncare, she can encourage and inspire others to follow their passion and their dreams. It’s never too late!

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