Brush Strokes | Western Van Gogh


Meet Barbara, an exceptional artist here at Suncare. Barbara began her painting journey at 28, inheriting the creative mantle from her great-grandfather. This artistic legacy has continued to the next generations, with her five children following in her footsteps artistically.

In 2022, Barbara achieved acclaim by winning the Judge’s Choice Award for a painting of fishing boats moored to a jetty in a regional competition. This highly regarded painting has been published in an artistry book and also a calendar.

Although Barbara did not grow up in the outback, her preferred painting subjects include horses, western farmhouses, and the expansive outback landscape. These creations, filled with the spirit of the outback, resonate with audiences young and old. Through her talent, she not only carries forward a family tradition but also enriches the artistic landscape of the community, leaving a lasting mark on the world of art.  Now enjoying retirement in a village, Barbara dedicates most days to practicing her art in a studio within her home. She has also dedicated an entire room to showcasing her wonderful paintings, which she calls ‘The Gallery.’

Tuesdays find her at the local hall, engaged in painting classes with fellow enthusiasts. She actively participates in a monthly art gallery hosted by the hall, providing a platform for artists to showcase and sell their works, creating a vibrant community for art lovers.

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