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Medical Apps and Programs Suncare

There are many programs or apps you can download on your smart phone or tablet to help your health and wellbeing. Here are FIVE of the best.

1. Healthdirect:
A free health app for checking symptoms, finding a health service and trusted health information.

2. MedAdvisor:
This free app helps you manage your prescription medicines including automatic reminders for recurring scripts or the need to see a doctor for replacement scripts.

3. A Better Visit:
A free app with games to assist people living with dementia.

4. BrainyApp:
An app to help you improve and track your brain health.

5. Emergency+:
Help for calling the right number at the right time in an emergency.

Ask your Suncare team for tips and learning activities that will help you access these apps.
If you would like to know how you can participate in the Suncare Digital Program, please contact 1800 786 227.

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