A Prize Cat

Puss in Boots

Jenny is a self-taught artist and loves anything to do with Arts and Crafts. She loved art at school and learnt to crochet handkerchiefs and tray clothes at the age of 16. Knitting jumpers was also on her list of handy talents and when she joined the Craft group in her hometown of Forbes, she soon learnt to spin wool and make children’s toys.

A highlight of her hobby was the regal Puss in Boots! Standing almost a metre tall, Jenny created Puss for the Forbes District Show in 1976. His leather belt and red feathered hat caught the attention of the judges and he stood in a prime position at the show, wearing his “Grand Champion Exhibit” sash with pride. Sadly, Jenny lost all her photos of Puss at the show in the 2011 floods but her then four-year old son begged to be the new owner of Puss in Boots and the prized cat is still very much part of the family.

Jenny also loves pottery and leatherwork. “I made a leather handbag for my daughter as a prize in the raffle she organised to raise funds for her journey to the National High School Athletics Championships. She came 4th in discus!”

Jenny and husband of 59 years, Peter, love the outings arranged by Suncare as part of the Suncare Community Outings Program, now offered in the Bribie Island/Caboolture areas. “The outings are always fun, I particularly love the arts and crafts ones. The companionship and meeting new people is so good for Peter and I, we love sharing stories. And the help and care that Suncare offers is just phenomenal. It is so good to now have these outings in our area” says Jenny.

For more information on Suncare or the Suncare Community Outings Program, please contact 1800 786 227.

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