The sky is the limit for Suncare customers

Suncare Customers

Living independently at home in familiar surroundings, close to your neighbours and local community is a goal for many older Queenslanders.

Growing older will have different implications for all of us, so it’s important that your Home Care Package is tailored for you – so you can get the help you need to continue living life your way.

One of the key advantages of Suncare support is the time taken for our team to understand your lifestyle and interests. Ian Mitchell is a Suncare Home Care Package customer, and when his wife Neridah mentioned Ian’s love of planes, Care Coordinator Tamara Williams organised a trip to the local air museum.

“I am so happy that Ian has the support to access the community and the things he enjoys. Ian’s beaming smile is so heart-warming,” said Neridah.

A Suncare Home Care Package puts you in the driving seat (or cockpit). Call 1800 786 227 if you would like to discuss your options with your Suncare Care Coordinator.

Suncare’s Caring Care Coordinators

To be a Suncare Care Coordinator, you need a broad range of skills, but the most important skill is an ability to REALLY listen to our customers and understand their needs.

As a Suncare Care Coordinator, Tamara Williams knows that her role is not just about coordinating care, it’s about building and supporting family and community networks.

“I love being a part of my customer’s lives and when I discovered Ian Mitchell’s interest in planes, I knew a trip the air museum would mean a great deal to him. Suncare allows me the freedom to do more than just help my customers achieve their in-home health goals. Making a genuine difference to my customers is what it’s all about.”

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