Suncare’s Stepping On Program

Suncare's Stepping On Program

Suncare’s ‘Stepping On’ program, run over eight weeks, is designed to improve your overall health, wellbeing and physical strength, all while creating new social connections.

Following positive feedback from our customers, Suncare is delivering a third ‘Stepping On’ program in mid-August. Reducing falls, increasing confidence and giving people the tools to remain active, safe and independent, ‘Stepping On’ covers topics including exercise for strength and balance, safe mobility at home and in the community, home hazard reduction, vision, footwear, nutrition and medication.

Suncare customer Robert ‘Bob’ Gregory was extremely impressed with the Suncare ‘Stepping On’ program, and with a Ph. D in vocational rehabilitation, he knows his stuff. When reflecting on his participation in Suncare’s first ‘Stepping On’ program he said,

“I can recognise expertise and talent and I was deeply impressed with the skills and management of the course.”

Suncare is delivering the program through a collaboration with Occupational Therapy students from the University of the Sunshine Coast to help achieve improved health outcomes for our customers.

How does Occupational Therapy help?

An ‘occupation’ may be any task, including those relating to personal hygiene, social skills or housekeeping. Occupational therapy helps customers to maintain their ability to manage these tasks and other everyday activities. A key element of our program is to implement strategies at home that aim to reduce the risk of falls. The program is part of Suncare’s coordinated approach to meeting our customer’s needs.

Reducing your risk of falls is important for living independently and safely at home, and the ‘Stepping On’ program provides participants with proactive skills for preventing falls and promotes active ageing. Find out more

Spaces are limited for the next program, so please book now. Contact our Customer Service Team on 1800 786 227 if you would like to know more.

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