Suncare social support

Suncare social support

At Suncare we’re committed to making people’s lives better through social support and community activities.

Creative activities and hobbies can contribute to improved problem-solving skills and can reduce stress and anxiety. Meeting people at events and activities, trying new experiences and learning new things can help your body remain fit and keep your mind active.

At Suncare, we’re committed to making people’s lives better by providing plenty of opportunity for trying new things and learning new skills through our growing community activities.

Our community activity programs include luncheons and outings, art and craft workshops, exercise and dance groups and plenty of opportunity for socialising.

Did you know creative activities and hobbies can also help problem solving as well as reduce stress and anxiety?

Creative activities can include:

Arts and Crafts: Creative projects such as painting, drawing or scrapbooking can improve your cognitive abilities and concentration.

Dancing: Dancing can help maintain strength and flexibility, as well as improve balance which can help prevent falls. It’s also a fun way to improve fitness and meet other people.

Music: Listening to music is great for relaxing and reflecting.


Nev’s experience

When Nev was diagnosed with several chronic arthritic conditions a few years ago, his occupational therapist recommended art therapy to help manage his pain.

Since then, art has become an important part of Nev’s life as he doesn’t experience any pain while he is painting.

Nev is quick to point out that being part of Suncare’s Art Group is so much more than pain management. He also enjoys getting out of the house and socialising with other members of the group.

Being here to paint and being here for other people is great for de-stressing. It’s better than any medication.”

Nev Paull


Let us help you to meet new people and build new friendships and interests in your community. Contact our Customer Service Team on 1800 786 227 to find out more about activities and events in your area. 

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