Suncare out and about in Hervey Bay

Suncare out and about in Hervey Bay

Suncare team members were out and about in Hervey Bay recently.

Suncare’s CEO Melanie Wilson and the team enjoyed a visit to Hervey Bay recently, visiting customers along the way. The team received a warm Hervey Bay welcome at our recent Community Careers Event. The event was an opportunity for people in the area to meet our team, learn about the great work we do in community care, and invite more people to join our caring community.

Hervey Bay’s Caring Community in action

Meet Suncare customer Rick:

When Suncare customer Rick was diagnosed with terminal cancer, he was unable to stay busy the way he used to – he needed a hobby.

What started out as helping his partner Marian thread her knitting machine, has turned into a very satisfying hobby making warm and colourful beanies!

Not only does the knitting of beanies keep him busy, he has donated many to the Cancer Council.  And we all know there is nothing better than a cosy beanie on a cold Winter’s day!  

Meet Suncare volunteers Amanda and Kerry:

Suncare volunteers Amanda and Kerry enjoy giving back to their Hervey Bay community. After ten years in the navy, Amanda who works full time also makes time to volunteer.

Kerry has recently joined Suncare as a volunteer and wants to help customers and make a difference in her Hervey Bay community.

Hervey Bay Community Careers Opportunities:

Suncare recently held a Community Careers Event at the Hervey Bay TAFE Campus.

The event provided an opportunity for job seekers to meet care coordinators, support workers and clinical team members, and learn more about the types of positions Suncare has available now for working in the community care sector.

Suncare is always looking for genuine and dedicated Suncarers to join us in making a difference. If you know of someone who you think would make a great team member, please contact our HR team on 1800 786 227 or email

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