Suncare Community Sponsorship

Suncare Community Sponsorship

A little update on Biggie

Here we find out about our beloved sponsor dog, Biggie in his latest ‘Tail’.

As part of our community involvement, we sponsor Biggie, a 4 Paws Animal Rescue dog. Biggie is a Fox Terrier cross, and while he may be small in size, he certainly lives up to his name in personality.

Biggie is part of the 4 Paws Permanent Resident Program, and he is not available for adoption, but remains with a permanent carer, supported by Suncare.

In a recent update from 4 Paws, eight year old Biggie is doing well. Sadly, his carer passed away after a long illness but Biggie is settling in well with his temporary carer and loves his walks and going for car trips.

Suncare is proud to support this loyal little dog so that he has the security that he needs to live a happy and healthy life. Our sponsorship of Biggie has been in place since late 2021, and we all enjoy updates from 4 Paws and finding out about the adventures of Biggie.

Suncare’s sponsorship helps fund Biggie’s care including flea/worm treatments and food, as well as veterinary care and annual vaccinations.

Find out more about 4 Paws Animal Rescue.

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