Nev’s Story

Nev's Story

Suncare customer Nev Paull is a keen artist and has regularly attended the weekly Suncare Art Group for more than three years.

When Nev was diagnosed with several chronic arthritic conditions, his occupational therapist recommended art therapy to help manage his pain. Since then, art has become an important part of Nev’s life as he doesn’t experience any pain while he is painting.

Nev is also quick to point out, Suncare’s Art Group is about so much more than pain management. He enjoys getting out of the house and socialising with the other members of the group.

“Being here to paint and being here for other people is great for de-stressing… it’s better than any medication,” he says.

Nev enjoys the process of choosing what to paint by using his iPad, provided through Suncare’s Digital Program. He also makes beautiful wooden frames for his artwork. 

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