Milton’s Story

Milton MIlligan Suncare

91-year-old author Milton Milligan and his wife lead a busy life at home, which they would not be able to do without the support of Suncare.

Milton and his wife keep themselves very busy at home. He still writes and spends a great deal of time on his computer. Milton’s latest book ‘Bondi Pioneer’ chronicles the inspiring story of his great-great-grandfather from a young boy working in an English workhouse to a man who influenced the formation of Sydney’s Eastern suburbs.

Milton says connection to family and home is important to him and the support he receives from Suncare enables him to pursue his interests.

“I couldn’t see myself going into a retirement village… When you grow older, your whole life changes. You depend on people like Suncare for a lot of things. They are more like our family, the connection is so important, and they do so much for us. Nothing’s a trouble,” said Milton.

Milton and his wife have received Suncare help at home for more than four years.

“I like everything about Suncare – we couldn’t have had more support if we’d tried.”

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