Just Keep Tapping


When Laurie White moved from Sydney to the Sunshine Coast, it created a path for what is now the well-loved tap-dancing group, Tap Katz.  What started out as a dance group, led to a performing cast and eventually to costumes that were spoken about well after the curtain came down. With up to 20 dancers at times and guest singers and guitarists to help the shows run smoothly, the Tap Katz were soon performing regularly around the Coast. 

For Suncare customer Aileen, who started dancing at the age of two and has been a member of the group for 15 years, the benefits of Tap Katz are endless. “Movement, bone strength, making others happy, being happy in myself, socialisation.  You should never slow down – it’s what keeps you alive, keeps you thinking and keeps you happy.  And it is always so wonderful if you can make others happy too.” 

Each concert showcases eight different routines and that, of course, means that each of the Katz have to carry eight different costumes, hats etc to each performance.  The members also have many memories of costume changes in various places – some fond and some just hilariously funny. 

The aim of the Katz is to bring enjoyment, movement, colour and music to their audiences.  

A number of the Katz remember at one particular concert walking past a lady sitting stooped forward in her chair.  She was leant down, facing the floor and strapped into the chair to stop her from falling forward.  As the music started, slowly she sat up and watched the show.  “Then we knew that we had made someone happy and that, in turn, made our day”. 

The Tap Katz are a tight-knit group and always there for one another.  Most of the dancers are in their 70’s and 80’s, with the eldest of the group a sprightly 87 years old! Laurie still teaches the group many of the routines although she can no longer dance herself. Many of the beautifully sequinned and flamboyant costumes are also designed and created by a couple of members of the team. 

“Covid put a stop to our concerts for a while but we are rehearsing again and will be back to perform around July 2023.  We are also always looking for experienced tap dancers to join the group” says Aileen. “If you can tap, we would love to meet you.” 

For more details on joining the group or booking the Tap Katz for an event, please contact Aileen on 0410 405 334. 


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