Honouring Aunty Betty: A Legacy of Reconciliation and Community


Recently we gathered for the annual Aunty Betty Memorial Reconciliation Walk, reflecting on the life and contributions of our beloved Elder, Aunty Betty McMahon.


A dedicated champion of reconciliation and community building, Aunty Betty’s influence continues to resonate throughout the Sunshine Coast and beyond.


Aunty Betty served tirelessly as co-Patron of the Sunshine Coast Reconciliation Group Inc. and was a pivotal figure in Suncare Community Services until her retirement in 2015. She was a key member of the Suncare Committee, the Strategic Marketing Committee, and the lead Cultural Advisor on both the First Peoples Advisory Committee and our Reconciliation Action Plan Council. Her nurturing spirit extended to the Nandjimadji Art and Yarning Group, the Murri Connections Art Group, where she provided invaluable guidance and support.


Her vision led to the inception of the Coastal Walk in 2015, now honoured as the Aunty Betty Memorial Reconciliation Walk. This event embodies her belief in the importance of culture, wisdom, knowledge, and practice. Even from her hospital bed in 2018, Aunty Betty continued to secure sponsorship and plan the walk, demonstrating her unwavering dedication to reconciliation.


Reconciliation Week is a crucial time for reflecting on and advancing the relationships between Indigenous and non-Indigenous Australians. It is a time to learn, share, and engage with the history and cultures that form the rich tapestry of our nation. Aunty Betty’s legacy reminds us of the importance of knowing where we come from and working together towards a unified future.


We are committed to continuing Aunty Betty’s work and supporting her legacy. The annual walk will remain a testament to her contributions and a celebration of the values she championed. We look forward to gathering again next year to honour her enduring spirit and to further the cause of reconciliation.


Thank you to everyone who participated and supported the Aunty Betty Memorial Reconciliation Walk. Together, we carry forward her legacy, embracing Indigenous heritage and fostering a diverse, inclusive community.

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