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New findings associated with falls prevention place exercise firmly in the spotlight.

Falls can have serious consequences for older Australians, that range from loss of confidence associated with a fear of falling through to suffering severe injuries. The good news is exercise can help reduce falls.

The British Journal of Sports Medicine recently assessed the effects of exercise in preventing falls in older people living in the community, with key findings including:

Exercise reduces the rate of falls over time by around 23%.
Exercise involving balance and functional training reduced the rate of falls by 24%.
Tai Chi may also reduce falls by 19%.
Not only can exercising prevent falls, it can improve your brain function, emotional state and your overall quality of life.

However, before starting a new exercise regime, we recommend you see a health professional.
Please call the Suncare Customer Service Team on 1800 786 227 to find out about support programs that can help you to be more active.

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