Health and Wellbeing – Easy-care Indoor Plants


Brighten up your home and improve the air quality with these FIVE easy-care indoor plants.

  1. Peace Lily: The Peace Lily has a beautiful white flower and is very easy to care for – if the leaves are droopy, it needs water.
  2. Mother-in-laws Tongue: This striking yellow and green succulent thrives in low light and can even handle being a little thirsty.
  3. Monstera: With beautiful large glossy green leaves, this plant flourishes in a light and warm climate.
  4. Happy Plant: These plants grow best in full sun but are usually ‘happy’ anywhere in your home.
  5. Devil’s Ivy: A pretty trailing plant with hanging green vines that thrives indoors.

We can help organise a return trip to your local nursery or plant market. Please call the Suncare Customer Service Team on 1800 786 227 for more information.

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