Getting in and out of vehicles safely

Getting in and out of a vehicle safely

Accessing transport is an important aspect of staying mobile and independent, and here Suncare Training Officer, Deb Knight. shares her tips for getting in and out of vehicles safely.

1: Sit on the car seat with both legs on the pavement, then swivel both legs in together. This places less strain on your body and allows even pressure if you use a mobility aid. When exiting the car, swing both legs out together and stand up, resting on the open window frame, your carer’s hands or mobility aid, with your balance evenly spread.

2: Ask your driver to park on a flat area, half a metre out from the kerb. This enables you to regain your balance or use your mobility aid before you step up on the kerb.

3: The front passenger seat should be as far back as possible. This enables you to straighten your legs when you swing them in and out.

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