Celebrating Connection: Miles and Spyros

Celebrating Connection: Miles and Spyros

When Suncare Support Worker Miles Tollan first started visiting Spyros Destounis at home, they discovered they have much in common.

Spyros is fluent in several languages including Romanian, Russian, Greek, German and French. Miles lived in Russia for a year, and Miles and Spyros regularly reminisce in Russian while listening to Greek musician Demis Roussos. They are well-known at the local coffee shops and Spyros taught Miles everything there is to know about backgammon – except how to beat him!

Born in Romania in 1930, Spyros’ rich life history includes fleeing from the German invasion in a horse-drawn cart, working as Manager for New Zealand Fisheries and running a thriving Fish and Chips shop. Spyros has seven sons, five daughters, 31 grandchildren and 22 great grandchildren!

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