Building a friendship together

Building a friendship together

Volunteer John Ogino visits Suncare customer Ernest Tebby every fortnight and the pair work on building model boats together.

Ernest was a master builder before he retired, and he enjoys the diversity of challenges associated with building model boats, sharing his skills and the companionship that comes with working alongside John. Ernest acts as a project manager, directing John as to what needs to be worked on each visit.

John appreciates the opportunity to work alongside Ernest and the chance to learn skills which will aid him in the future. Studying Veterinary Science at University, John says interacting with people towards a common understanding is really important.

Volunteers are indispensable to Suncare, and if you or someone you know, is looking to do something meaningful and personally rewarding, please contact Debbie Orman, Suncare Volunteer Team Leader on 1800 786 227 to find out more.


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