Kylie provides gold standard assessments for clients

Home Support Assessor (HSA) Kylie Bertram not only provides a gold standard in quality assessments for Suncare clients, she also to provides an overall client experience which leaves them feeling heard and valued.

Kylie, who is based with the Brisbane North Regional Assessment Service (RAS) team, recently received a gold star herself from a client impressed with her level of service.

RAS Customer Service Advisor Karen White said the client’s feedback praised Kylie for being attentive and generous with her time.

“The client said she felt like she really mattered, that Kylie cared about her, used her initiative and gave suggestions about other services which may be of interest to her.”

Kylie recalls the interesting conversation with her client regarding the colours of hemming cotton: “She and her husband were both clearly intelligent people who had been self-sufficient throughout their entire life and just needed a little support to deal with what life had given them now.”

In her HSA role, Kylie visits clients and assists them to access support that will allow them to remain living in their homes independently. The nature of Kylie’s role is such that she generally only sees a client once.

Regional Team Leader Adam Massy says a key to Kylie’s success is her ability to conduct herself in a friendly, personable manner, allowing her clients to feel relaxed and heard, while also maintaining her professionalism to ensure the assessment is completed fairly and equitably.

“Kylie often needs to address competing client goals, liaise with family members, and negotiate complex involvement from a multitude of service providers, while upholding stringent departmental requirements,” he said.

“This can often be a difficult juggling act for assessors. Kylie handles this with aplomb and attributes her success to tackling each task one step at a time.”

“I find that if I act in a methodical and transparent manner, ensuring that the client is involved in the process every step of the way, I am able to navigate my way through some tricky situations,” Kylie said.

“Communication is the key! While I’ve only been with Suncare for 5 months I have found the support offered to me by my Team Leader and all the Brisbane and Caboolture team has been really refreshing. Nothing is ever too much trouble. It’s great and really makes my job very enjoyable,” Kylie said.

Home Support Assessor Kylie Bertram (right) works through an assessment with client Wanda.